Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gary Leon died of severe dehydration

KLANG: The 22-year-old Universiti Tenaga Nasional student Gary Leon Robert who was found dead at the Shah Alam stadium on Monday had died due to severe dehydration.

His uncle, known only as Ng Chuen, said the organisers had probably not provided sufficient water for the runners in the marathon.

The family was still undecided whether or not to institute legal action against the organiser, Ng told reporters at the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital (HTAR) mortuary Tuesday.

Gary Leon had collapsed in one of the stadium’s tunnels on Sunday after completing a 22km run in the Adidas King of the Road marathon event organised by Adidas and the Shah Alam City Council.

The electronics and electrical engineering student had participated in the event with two of his friends who had also completed the run.

He had sprinted ahead of the two but when he failed to turn-up at their designated meeting place after the run his worried friends searched for him and informed his family that he was missing.

Gary Leon’s father Marry Robert had lodged a police report at the Section 11 police station on Sunday after he was alerted of his disappearance.

The Star,5th August 2009

p/s: Kita suka tengok Gary Senyum.RIP,Gary


Azhar Ibrahim said...

Sorry to hear the bad news. R.I.P. dear Gary. Cam tak percaya plak leh mati sebab dehydration kat Malaysia ni.

K.I.T.A said...

Macam pelik jugak:
Nie kita ambil dari blog uniten;
De orang post:
Td br je pg rumah gary second time..
n dpt tgk mayat die..

actually mlm ni ade upacara semyg sume2..
sape2 yg non muslim nk pg..bole pg.

n according to his uncle..
die ckp from d post mortem..
it's because of d dehydration..
n bl dehydrate.
body akn disoriented..
mgkn dlm keadaan da berlari 22km
bdn pn kurang oksigen..
n kepala pn da pening n xleh fkr rasional..
n gary was found dkt dlm tunnel yg agk dlm la..n gelap n pnuh ngn sand
and derang jmpa mayat gary terduduk kt dlm tunnel tu..
mgkn menahan sakit yg agk lame which is 24hrs T.T
according to what gary's uncle says..
derang da cbe cr..even mbsa trun..adidas pny mmber trun..
n derang pny family pn turut sm cr
tp x jmpa..n last effort is gune anjing bantuan..
n dpt jmpa kt dlm tunnel tu..

luvira said...

ello K.I.T.A

hey, baru jengah sat blog ko..aku link ye..ok?

noniey alias said...

tak tau pun kisah ni.. consider dehydration ni bahaya lah jugak kan..

K.I.T.A said...

Luvira-->orite.nanti,kite link kan.

Puan baini-->entah la.macam tak logik jugak.tapi,bahaya la jugak kot sebab badan kita perlu air yang banyak.